Friday, February 4, 2011

One Step Closer

Today, finally, our dossier and acceptance paperwork is on it's way to India! YIPPPEEE!

There is still much more to be done before we get to bring our sweet girl home. Our docs must now be processed, scrutinized and reviewed by the gov't and courts in India, but today I celebrate progress and the fact that we are one step closer to bringing Vishakha home.

A quick update on Vishakha: Her recent progress reports are good. She is still very small (she's almost 6 but closer to the size of a 4 year old), but she's growing and healthy, and continues to make good progress with her speech and physical therapies. She is going to English school, and getting good grades. I have even been able to find a few of the US families who are adopting her good friends at the orphanage, so maybe they can be penpals once they all get to the US. How awesome is that!


  1. You mean e-mail pals, right? Who writes letters any more???

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