Friday, January 8, 2010

Ready for Spring

We had a wonderful Christmas, a happy New Year and Phillip and I had great birthdays. I can't believe my little boy is already 12. Less than a year now until we are into the teenage years.
My 12 year old Phillip

Eliza all dressed up in her Christmas best

We have had snow on the ground since Christmas Eve, and it just keeps building up. The boys have not returned to school from Christmas break yet, due to the extreme weather we're having. I don't really remember the last time we were above 32 degrees here, and today's windchills are in the 20-30 below zero range. There is question as to rather we will even reach zero for a HIGH temp tomorrow. So there is a ton of snow on the ground, but it is too dangerously cold to enjoy it. I don't ever remember Missouri being this cold for this long. We have been trapped in the house most of the week, and I might be a little (more) crazy now. There seems to be hope that we will get a warm up by the middle of next week (a 35 degree heatwave). Thankfully we got some great new games for Christmas, and we are making good use of them.

From our front porch (yes there is a road there somewhere)

We are so ready for it to warm up, we had some fun today pretending it was Springtime (thus the Easter bunny ears). I think perhaps we will rejoice a little extra this year at the sight of spring blooms. I hope everyone is staying warm.


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