Monday, October 5, 2009

Settling In

We seem to be settling into somewhat normalness (is that a word?). The newness of baby sister is wearing off for the boys. They still love and adore Eliza, but they aren't in her face all the time. It's back to runing around making more sound effects than actual words, and focusing on their own activities such as scouts and school work.

We had our first post-placement visit of 3 from our social worker this past Friday, and it went very well. She is quite impressed with how well Miss Eliza is adjusting to her forever family, and so are we.

She is also doing so great developmentally since she came home. She was basically just doing an army crawl when we brought her home, and now she is a super fast crawler. She can pull up on furniture, and is cruising. She loves to hold our hands and walk, and she smiles big and looks so proud of herself when she does. Yesterday she even stood unassisted for about 5 seconds. It is really amazing to see how quickly she is growing and getting stronger.

On November 3rd, we have our first of 2 court dates to finalize her adoption in the US. Approx. 6 months after the first court date, we will have finalization and she will officially be ours and a US citizen. Right now she has a green card, and will be a Korean citizen until her adoption is final and she gains US citizenship. We will for sure have a huge celebration on that day!

We had kind of a busy week, so not a lot of new pics, but I love this one of all my babies:

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