Friday, August 28, 2009

We're in Seoul

It seems so surreal to actually be here in the same city as our daughter. We arrived Friday about 4pm, got settled into our hotel around 6pm, grabbed some VERY spicy dinner and came back to the room to crash. It is now 2am, and we are wide awake. I have no idea how we're operating on the lack of sleep we've had. We decided it would be a great idea to stay up all night Wed. so we could sleep on the Thursday flights. This was not such a good plan, as we hardly slept at all on the 13 hour flight from Chicago. Despite our lack of sleeping,the flight was really good. Korean Air has by far the best service I've experienced. I cannot say so much for United who cancelled our flight to Chicago 12 hours before we were suppose to leave, then rebooked us on an overfull flight only to transfer us to an American Airlines flight after we got to KCI. But we did get to Korea and that is all that matters. Our plans for today are to hang out in the room until breakfast time, then Ken has to do his fantasy football draft this morning (insert rolling eyes). After that, we are meeting some friends from the Holt BB and their new baby boy for some lunch and sightseeing. Here are some pics from our hotel room.

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